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Tri County Driving Academy is a locally and family owned Driving School in Orangeville, Ontario. We care for our community and we strive efforts to make this Drivers Education more affordable and accessible to everyone who deserves to get their Drivers License. We advocate for Responsible Driving and caring for our Environment and each other.

Rex Tabsing

Rex Tabsing Realty

Rex, a Computer Engineer in profession, a college computer instructor for eight years, a community youth leader and is very passionate about teaching. He worked as an Assembler / IT support in a Cable Manufacturing company in Orangeville for over five years.

He got his Driving Instructor licence on July of 2008. On March of 2009, he started working at Avonmore Driving School as In Car Driving Instructor. Working at Avonmore Driving School for over 4 yrs., Rex has demonstrated his prowess in driving instruction that resulted to a very high success rate for students who took their Road Test on first attempt. He is known for being a soft spoken and confident instructor. He takes pride of explaining every detail as to how to be able to pass the road test and above all become a safe and defensive driver. He is very flexible in handling student’s schedules. He speak English and Filipino

Julie Tabsing – is an Elementary Math teacher back in Philippines for 21 years. He was a winning table tennis national coach for several years and expanded his role being a sports coordinator for long time in the school where he was teaching. A very passionate teacher, who care and always wants for the success of his students. Here in Canada, given a chance to continue his teaching career, he is so delighted to help each and every driving students get their license and learn to become a safe and responsible driver.

Rex Tabsing and Julie Tabsing (Filipino brothers who are from Philippines immigrated to Canada 2007 and 2015) are happy to be able to share their vast experiences of being a responsible driver, more so helping students get their licence on the first Roadtest attempt. We always strive to do our best to help our students gain and develop that Confidence in driving for each and every road situation. We are your Driving School that Care for all our students.

Richard Asuncion  is also our Driving Instructor  who is very passionate in teaching how to become a safe and responsible Driver. He is very calm and patient and making sure every students understand and follow the rules and regulations in Driving.