Why choose Tri County Driving Academy?

***Starting April 2020, TCDA has started a monthly donation to Sick Kids Hospital Toronto. Also, for every students enrolled, we will give $10 to Sick Kids Hospital. We thank you so much for your Support ***
Update: Total of $1,060 was donated last yr ===>Click Here*

**** High Passing Rate for 1st Time Road Test Attempt ***

Here at Tri County, we give value and care to all students. Whether you are a first time driver, have never been behind the steering wheel, don´t even know how to ride a bicycle or motorcycle, have been learning to drive with your parents, are new to the province, or have been driving in another country, We have the patience, knowledge, and proven skills to help you not only get your licence but also make you a safe and defensive driver. We truly believe that driving is a privilege and in no way should to be taken for granted. It bears all the responsibility that every driver should think and do every time they are behind the steering wheel. We take pride of using one of the most up-to-date and interactive MTO approved curriculum making use of computer technology to simulate the active learning process. Evaluations/test were also conducted as a measurement of knowledge and understanding absorbed during the class presentations and discussions. The In vehicle training uses newer, reliable and fuel efficient vehicle to provide comfort and safe in car training. Computer Driving Simulators (Manual and Automatic) are also available for students to try and be familiar with things to know before hitting the real world of driving. Safety of each and every student/learner is our main priority. We say Big NO to distracted driving. Now, We are Offering Online In Class course. Click on Register Now button to Enrol. We Speak fluent English and Filipino Language.


Safe Driving tips that we adhere to:

  • Scan every intersection before crossing it with a quick glance to the left, ahead, right and left again
  • Always MSB (Check the Mirror, Do Signal, Check the Blind spot) before making any lane change, turn or stop on the side of the road
  • Check rear view mirror every 3-5 sec. while driving and after completing every turn/maneuver
  • Always look up ahead on the center of the intended path and prepare yourself for the conditions
  • Increase your following distance in slick road conditions
  • Always follow All traffic Rules and Regulations on the road
  • Be patient and courteous at all time


By now, you’re probably wondering what kind of Driving School success thus Tri County Driving Academy can give to its students. Rather than telling you, I thought you would want to hear what some of them have to say in their experiences.

“Tri County Driving Academy is the place to be and learn how to Drive Safely!
As a parent, I couldn’t be more pleased with the professional service received from Rex Tabsing at Tri County Driving Academy when I registered my son for Driving Course.
Rex, created a relaxed and comfortable setting both in the classroom and in-car for my son Jacob to learn how to drive with confidence resulting with successfully achieving his G2 license  .”-Lorraine Green
“Rex has more than enough patience , skills and knowledge in teaching me learning how to drive. He always reminds me of being safe and defensive as well as being fuel efficient while driving. Rex never missed any appointments for my driving lessons.”-Mathew
“ Me and my cousin were preparing for our G road test when we happened to meet Rex at the Drive Test centre. He was very welcoming and agreed to give us a refresher session since we had not taken any training before that. The way he trained both of us for the test and the kind of steps he told us to follow helped us gain confidence and Pass our road test in the first attempt. Rex is an amazing instructor and I highly recommend his driving school to all the people who are looking for a good instructor.”-Rhythm and Arpit