Is TCDA Drivers Ed course approved by MTO?

Yes, TCDA offers Beginner Driver Education course fully approved by MTO. It uses one of the province’s mostly used Approved Curricula. Interactive and comprehensive curriculum that surpasses MTO requirements. Both Online Course and Virtual Course curricula are approved by MTO. Check the link: MTO Approved Driving School

Can I start the course without my G1?

Yes, you can start the in-classroom course without your G1. However, you must have your G1 before you start your in-vehicle training. For course schedule and On-line Registration, please visit:  On Line Registration

How long do I have to finish the course?

Once you have enrolled and started the in-classroom course, you have one (1) year to complete the course and be certified. In-vehicle lessons can be started as soon as after the first day of in classroom.

What is the passing rate of students on 1st Roadtest attempt?

We are so happy that we have 93.1%(2015), 92.2% (2014), 88.5% (2013) passing rate for first roadtest attempt. TCDA In-classroom and In-vehicle instructors tried their very best to make sure students are ready and shows the confidence needed to pass the Roadtest on the first try.

What is the average no. of students in the In-classroom course?

The most number in the in-classroom course is 13 students. The usual average is 6 students in the class. This is to ensure that students get the necessary attention and equal opportunity to learn the stuff that they needed in order to be a safe and defensive driver.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans. We accept half of the payment on the first day of in class and full payment can be made before the 3rd hour of In-vehicle training.

Is 10 hrs. In-vehicle lessons enough?

If you feel you need extra driving lessons, we have additional driver training packages to offer. We will help you with any additional driving lessons you needed to make sure you will be ready for the roadtest.

How many certified Instructors TCDA have?

As of July 2016, TCDA has 3 Driving Instructors. They are certified Professional Driving Instructors that are competent enough to teach driving.

How early I can be qualified to go for my G1 Exit Roadtest?

If you completed our course, you can take your G1 exit Roadtest after 8 months of your G1 licence. Otherwise you must wait a minimum of 1 year if you don’t take MTO approved course.

Can I rent my instructor’s vehicle for Roadtest?

Yes! You can rent the Instructor’s vehicle for your road test. Always try to use a vehicle that you are familiar with when you take your Roadtest. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed during the Roadtest.

What is the ministry fees if I fail the roadtest?

If you fail your Roadtest, you will have to pay:
$53.75 for your G2 Roadtest
$91.25 for your G Roadtest

Where can I book my road test?

We can book your Roadtest for Free. Please coordinate with your In car instructor if in case you want to Rent the Driving Instruction car for your Roadtest. If you are booking your driving test in Ontario you have three options:
1. Call 1-888-570-6110
2. Book it online at Roadtest Booking
3. Book in Person at any DriveTest location